Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Raptron by Jann VanZant

Here's a jam that I made. This shit is fresh!


I'm a rappin rhymin robot from outer space
I came from far away just to fuck your face
I'm fresh I'm def I'm number one
I'll fuck your face with my lazer gun
Rappin and rhymin is what I do
I'm also programmed to say fuck you
I will serve my master I will kill for fun
I'll fuck your face with my lazer gun
I am robot you are shit
Because the bass in your face it just don't quit

Robots come from mother fucking space
they kick the fresh rhymes with the bass in your face
we'll conquer your Earth with our fresh ass rhymes
Kicking fresh beats that will blow your mind
Humans are the ones that robots despise
we'll blow your fucking face with our lazer eyes
If you want fresh then go see a bot
We got the fresh beats that are oh so hot
We don't know if we'll spare your Robocop
We can't calculate if he's human or bot

Break it down

I come from the planet of Don't Give a Fuck
I saw your stupid face and I think you suck
I'll rock it to the beat cuz my beats are sweet
If I see your stupid face then I'll kick you with my feet
Robot are sweet at rockin the mic
We really like humans.........sike!
My body shines silver and my eyes glow red
I gotta fresh microphone built inside my head
I'm a robot of the 80's and I drive a Mercedes

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